‘The Most beautiful people in the world’ | Photobook by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski

We made our way through the streets of Krakow, Poland.
It was snowing that night and the snowflakes that surrounded us were exactly as you imagine them to be,
exactly like those which could be found in fairytales or in a child's drawing.
It was during our walk through this glorious Polish winter wonderland that we began to discuss Michel's most recent project;
The Most Beautiful People in the World.
I asked him how he had come to begin this project. ‘It was very simple’, he said ‘ I wanted to approach the world in a positive way.
We’re often submerged by negative news and I started to see the world as a place ruled by pain and misery, a place where people fall
prey to global restlessness.’ Striving to create more positivity, he started a worldwide project in which human happiness and beauty
became the pivotal themes.
I pondered on the ideas of this ambitious man and I wondered how different the world would be if there were more people like Michel attempting to influence change. For a moment we listened to the sound of falling snowflakes as we carried on through the meandering streets of Eastern Europe.
In newspapers throughout France, Spain, Iran, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Namibia and China the following question appeared :
Why are you the most beautiful person in the world?
A simple question, something you could ask a child, but a question which at the same time opens up the debate about how we experience
beauty worldwide.
People from different countries, cultural backgrounds and traditions come to give their personal reasons for considering themselves the most beautiful in the world. Photographed in their own country, in their private surroundings, they come to speak about believing in dreams, about religion, love, creed, authenticity, the overcoming of problems, the nourishment of one's own passion,
happiness and gratitude.
The way beauty is perceived differs from country to country. It is determined by cultural backgrounds and changes with historical
periods. However, the beauty discussed here is a beauty that we cannot bear witness to through aesthetic presence.
The beauty that is exhibited in this book hides behind the mask of physical appearance and is derived from the heart’s experiences.
With this book, Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski beautifully brings people together in a manner that shows sincere engagement and genuine

Made by the world, for the world.

Mexico, july 2010